Goodbye Mike

This morning we found out that Vince’s grandpa, Mike Catarelli, had passed away during the night. He had been battling brain cancer, and now he goes to his reward, and his beloved Anne.

We’ll miss you, Mike, but your dignified, beautiful memory perseveres forever.


15 Responses

  1. What a lovely page and I’m so sorry for the loss your family has suffered.

  2. Please let Vince know how sorry I am for his loss. At least he’s no longer in any pain and is in a better place. I know that really doesn’t help much though. Take care of him and you.

  3. i was worried about you, and was coming online before we started to check on you… we will pray this morning… andrea you are so dear to me, it that not funny the way that happens… people connect… that layout is so moving and filled with dignity and a tribute to a life well lived

  4. So sorry to hear about Mike. You have created a wonderful memorial for him.

  5. that’s a beautiful tribute to him..sorry about your loss

  6. my condolences. The layout/tribute is wonderful. I wish that I had known about scrapping when my mother passed away.

  7. Beautiful memorial to him, wonderful job. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers, sorry to hear about your loss.

  8. Saying I’m sorry for your loss doesn’t seem enough, but know that I mean it with all my heart. He will have no more pain or sorrow, ad that above all is a good thing. [hugs]

  9. This is a beautiful layout, so loving – I’m sure he would have loved it. I’m sorry for your loss.

  10. So very sorry for your loss. My Mom died of brain cancer ten years ago on Jan 1st so I am feeling for you now over the illness and the loss as I know the path of the illness/treatment all too well. What a wonderful tribute to Mike.

  11. I am deeply sorry for your familys loss, and will keep you all in my thoughts. I know there isn’t much one can do, but if you need anything you know where to find me. The layout you made of Mike is absolutely beautiful, you can tell how wonderful a person is just from what they can inspire us to remember them by! My heart goes out to you.

  12. What a beautiful tribute. Sometimes we forget that these moments are precious to scrap as well as others. Thanks so much for sharing such a tender moment with us all.

  13. Awww sending hugs and prayers to you and yoour family in these sad times. Goddess Bless,
    TragedyScrapinAnne (Kat)

  14. OH Andrea that page is just beautiful! What a wonderful tribute! My prayers are with you and Vince on the road- said one already- but will again now that I’m going to bed!
    Just sending you HUGS!!
    Love me

  15. That is a beautiful tribute! I just lost my grandfather 2 weeks ago, so sorry to hear of your loss, you and yours will be in my thoughts.

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