Oh My Goodness, it’s almost time for Oh My Goth!

FREEBIE oh my goth 3

Well, the counseling was great, although I think I got less sleep last night than I thought, I was pretty tired throughout.  We did personality assessments, and found out that I am an SP and Vince is an.. NF.  Which means that neither of us is any good at deadlines, bills, details.  LOL.  No news there.  We got a book called “His Needs, Her Needs” which I will read.. well.. soon… Just as soon as I get done with “Believing God,” and “Eat Pray Love” Ha ha.  I’m so behind it’s like I’ve been lapped by the rest of the world, you know what I mean?  So I’m just trying not to stress about it.  Vince has CQ tonight which I just found out this morning, so after counseling was over at 3 we went and cashed our check from Embarq (it was $100 less than it should have been, but I’m weary of that fight) and bought a couple of pairs of pants for the girls (Gotta love 75% off at the PX) and came home.  Then I attempted to make the downstairs computer run quicker, only to just putter around forever.  Finally realized how late it was when Vince called home to tell me he was on his way for dinner and YIKES I hadn’t even thought about it yet.  So I quickly thawed a lb of ground beef and made some burgers and corn.  Then he lingered forever over American Idol auditions (I hate the auditions, they make me feel bad.  I prefer the competition.  He is the opposite) and now here we are at bedtime.  The danged preview for Oh My Goth isn’t done yet, I haven’t answered any personal mail or gotten to the Believing God forums,  oy.

But I did manage to get this freebie put together for you!  Cool Beanz, right?  You get a couple frame stamps, some glitter doo dads, a ribbon and a chain.  I made the chain yesterday, from scratch!  WOW!  I know, I know, but it’s a  feat for me.  I feel good about being able to make stuff all by myself.  The ribbon is made from scratch, too.  I used Art Rage to hand paint the paper and make the glitter, I just love that program.

Here it is, for your downloading pleasure!

Tomorrow Betty from Parents as Teachers is coming over for a visit with the girls, and Vince will be home sleeping, but I plan to take a day off of working on this danged preview to do some study, write some letters, do some reading, chat on the forums.  So if I’ve neglected you I am sorry and I’ll be saying hi on WEDNESDAY!  Whoopie!


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