Mom’s Gone

Here’s a LO featuring my mom. Click on it to see the full credits, but most of what you see is from KimB’s Close Knit kit, it’s Really really pretty! Mom left earlier today and I spent the afternoon kind of kicking around the house, picking something up to put away and then getting distracted, putting it down and picking up something else, then noticing I should sweep, going to get the broom and then deciding I needed a glass of water, you know. That kind of thing. Couldn’t sleep last night. I don’t know what it is, I’m usually really good with goodbyes, but this time I was a little sad. Probably just maxed out with life in general right about now.

But that’s okay, because Vince is taking the girls tonight, and I’m about to go to sleep, then wake up refreshed! Ahhhh! Then we get back to life in general. Oh, and pretty soon we get our tax refund, then we can pay off one of the cars and then our finances should stabilize at least to the point of not actually running out of money in between paydays. C’mon, I know there are some of you with me on this one.

Okay, I’m wasting precious sleep time here, so that’s all I have to say for now. Ta ta all!


2 Responses

  1. Hiya beautiful!!!!

    Dork dancing all over your blog & blowing Canadian kisses to you!




  2. Go to BED!!!! Sending hugs to help life return to normal!

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