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Technically, it’s still a Sunday Freebie

cuz it’s still Sunday as I’m posting it!  I spent all day making the preview for Patty’s Warm Hug.  I will upload the kit to Bunny and the gals for QC tomorrow so I hope to have it released this week.  Of course Patty will get hers much sooner, probably tomorrow.  The kit is based on a quilt I have that my mom made.  It was in a picture that Patty saw she mentioned that she liked it, and I’d always thought that it would make a cool kit.  Only problem is that she saw the UNDERSIDE of the quilt in the pic, and I’ve used mainly the top of it for the kit, I really hope she likes it!  And I hope you like it, too.  🙂

The pattern Mom used to make the quilt was called “Flea Market” so I have kind of a junk store thing going on in the kit.  Kind of mismatched frames, junk jewelery, funky glass vases, etc.  Well.. here’s the preview for the full kit:

I think it’s cool, but then I made it, so.. I just hope that you peeps like it too.

Your freebie today is an amethyst alpha I made for the kit that I really love and am proud of, but I’m just not sure how readable it would end up being reduced down for anything but a big title, plus I LOVE VTKS fonts, but he usually only makes all caps, no punctuation or special characters, so I decided just to give you the alpha as a freebie.  It comes with a ribbon and a background that will be included in the kit.  Well, the background will, I’m still not sure about the ribbon.  LOL.  I am especially proud of the background, because I made it all by myself, not tuts or overlays or anything, just by playing around.  I think it’s super real looking.  Looks just like an ugly ol’ couch you’d have on the porch.

HERE’S YOUR FREEBIE!  Click on the preview to DL.

Pattys warm hug alpha FREEBIE

Enjoy, and have a super blessed Monday!


17 Responses

  1. Wow you’re up early today. 🙂
    Great kit. It’s good to see you back. Hope all is well. The challenge for Heather is at her CT blog. Click on news at her website.

    Have a great day.

  2. very neat kit! Great alpha! I’m sure everyone will like it!

  3. Great freebie, Thanks!

  4. Thanks for the freebie!

  5. That kit looks great!
    I love the alpha. Thanks

  6. Wow girl! Everything looks great! That alpha is gorgeous and very unique!

  7. Lovely kit!

  8. just running thru all the cars on the DSO BLOG TRAIN! LOL…

    Love the alpha, I cant believe you decided to freebie it after all the work! hahah!

    GOOD MORNIN’ sug! Now..
    lets go back to bed!

  9. Just passin thru on the DSO blog train!
    Love the kit and the alpha, they are both beautiful!!

  10. Cool alpha!

  11. Great alpha! My favorite color!! The new kit looks great!

  12. Driving thur on the DSO Blog train, great kit coming out. And freebie is really nice too.

  13. Thank you for the alpha it’s wonderful!

  14. And your new kit looks wonderful.

  15. Choo Choo – pulling through on the blog train! Happy Monday!

  16. Wow, what a great kit. I like it tons! I think that it has a nice feel ,and I collect primitives. old, junky stuff. Wood, metal, bottles, jars, so I think I can work with this kit. Thanks so much Andrea. Patty

    GREAT KIT!! Love the feel and all the JUNK- LOL
    AWESOME LO’s girl!
    And that Alpha is tooo die for!

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