Technically, it’s Still a Wednesday Freebie

So I’m kinda cleaning out some things in my Design folder here for your freebie pleasure.  I used one of these papers for Mike’s memorial, and I was thinking at the time, Gee whiz, some of these papers are beautiful.  I should really get back to this kit.”  So today I opened up the folder again, and … well, I like the papers.  So here you have them.

Click on the Preview to get em.

Such Great Heights FREEBIE

By the way, I still want you to commit some kind of a RAK in exchange for my freebies, even if I don’t mention it every time.  This time, I want you to just love on somebody.  Just sit there and love somebody.  They don’t have to be around.  Somebody did that for me today, and you know what?  It worked.

Thanks, Beth.


5 Responses

  1. Passin thru on the DSO train! Beautiful LO – Then and Now !! And the papers are gorgeous!

  2. I think you are right, love works. Even on a distance. Thank you for the freebie, it’s lovely =)

  3. Thinking love on someone is a touching idea. Thanks for the freebie but more so for the love thought. Hugs

  4. OH girl- sending that love around for ya- LOVE the papers!! And sending you your morning blog train hugs!!

  5. TY so very much for these FAB BG’s & the AWESOME Alpha’s!!!!!!!!!!!

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