Transcend with today’s Freebie!

transcend freebie

Hey, look, it’s a freebie! Click on the preview to DL. You get three papers, a stitched and be-buttoned flower, a doodle flower, a button, a frame and the title word art. I am in the debt of miss KIM BRODELET for some absolutely beautiful commercial use items I used, namely some fantabulous overlays, as well as the gwargeous flowers!! WOW!

I had uploaded this last night, with a different preview, but I had been in a rush when I made that preview (the girls were sleeeeee-py!) and this morning when I got up I decided that I hated the preview and made this new one. So for the folks who dl’d it last night, it’s the same thing, just with a better preview. When you dl you’ll see the older preview inside and then it will be very clear why I ditched that one. YUK!!

So Vince went back to work today. It will end up being his second week in a row with only two work days. Which is good because work had been really driving him nuts. He was really a pleasure to have around the last couple of days, probably because he’d been able to de-stress a bit. Hopefully he can retain a bit of this peaceful nature into the weeks ahead. He might really think that he’s internalizing his stress, but he’s wrong.

Does anybody here FLY ? As in Finally Loving Yourself, as in I’ve tried to do this a couple of times, and would like to give it another go, but yikes, there is SO MUCH email! If anybody has any hints, I’d love to hear them.

Okay, gonna get this up and onto the blog trains!


Hey guess what!

DA Wench asked me to be on her CT! So I said yes, of course! I love Kristine! Here’s a LO I did with her Candied Ginger kit, and with Donna Rafferty’s journal bits. My third Magical Dreamer LO, and I can only imagine there will be more.

Atha’s toe is all better.  At one point she did stub it again, and started crying a little bit.  I asked her what hurt and she said, “My toe.” like “What else?” And then she said, “But just a little bit.”  She’s all better now, and spunky as can be.

Vince is fine too.  Still can’t eat many solids, but he did manage to put back some scrambled eggs and some steamed broccoli later.  Couldn’t eat any rice because it kept going in the holes.  But he’ll be fine tomorrow.

American Idol- the girls were not very good, I didn’t think.  Some WEIRD song choices.  “Carry On Wayward Son????”  I think maybe the best was “Crazy on You.”  I always like the boys better.

Project Runway (my favorite show, by the way, unless Top Chef is on and then my favorite show is Top Chef.  Oh, and I also am in love with House, and I have a great fondness for Special Victims unit as well. But I digress.) Um, yeah.  I loved Chris on the show because I loved his fun personality.  I never was crazy about Rami.  But I think that they made the right choice sending Rami and not Chris.  Although Christian will win, and that’s as it should be.  He’s SO talented, if kind of a b*tch.

BTW, I am aware that the blog needs a huge overhaul.  All I can say is SOON!  By the weekend, at the latest.

Welll I was gonna make a freebie today, BUT

.. there we were, the girls and I, minding our own business, having some breakfast when the door opened and in came Vince. I was like, what the heck are you doing here? It was 9:30, which is a strange time for him. He has PT (physical training- working out and running, etc) from 6:30-about 7:30, then he comes home for breakfast and to change into his regular uniform, then they have to be back for work by 9. Then he’s home for lunch from about 11:45-12:45. So I was confused, then I saw that his face was all swollen and I remembered that he was going to go to dental sick call this morning because his wisdom teeth were bothering him. He never had them pulled, and they’ve been in his head, just like teeth, for about 10 years. But lately his gums have been swollen around them. Anyway, he went to dental sick call, and they just pulled his wisdom teeth, right on the spot! Crazy. I couldn’t believe it, normally Army medicine is slow going, but not today! So now he’s home for three days. At this point he’s feeling much better, and is actually staying up with the girls tonight. Don’t tell anybody, but he probably doesn’t need three days off. But then he IS bleeding, and has to rinse with this antiseptic rinse and change his dressings, etc. He’s doing great for Vinnie standards, not much complaining at all. But I WAS busy with him most of the day. For awhile he was asleep with both girls and I went to the commissary to stock up on pudding, apple sauce and chicken noodle soup.

Also, today Atha’s foot is hurting her a lot. We think it’s because Vince clipped her big toenail too short by accident and she stubbed it and it hurts, but by the end of the night she was whimpering every time she stepped on it, so if it still hurts tomorrow I may need to take her to the emergency room, which is excessive, but it’s impossible to get a same day appointment so that’s what you have to do. Silly, eh? But at least Vince will be home so I can leave Jenny with him and take Atha. Let’s just pray that she feels better tomorrow.

In the midst of all that, I did manage to make this LO with AnjaJ’s stuff. It’s mostly her Melli kit, which is super pretty, don’t you think? Click on it for full credits. This is Quinn, Saturday night. He got dressed up for an Oscar party. He was checking himself out in the bathroom mirror- that’s what you are seeing here. I snuck up on him and took this photo. What do you think? I think he looks pretty sharp!

Well maybe I can get a freebie done for you tomorrow. We’ll see!

Happy Birthday Atha

Saturday was Atha’s 3rd birthday! Yay hooray! It was Heather’s son Jordan’s birthday too, but he’s a li’l bit more than 3. Anyhoo, check this out. Atha’s one and only birthday guest was a little boy named.. Jordan! Wow, coincidence!

We had a very nice time overall. The plan for like 4 months has been for Atha and Vince to go to Build-A-Bear Workshop on her birthday, and Jenny and I would stay home and make the cake, etc. (Quinn was at a forensics tournament and was unavailable.) Anyway, everything was going fine until Vince and Atha got to the mall and found that the Build-A-Bear workshop was closed and completely gone from the mall. Shows how often we go there. Vince was so upset he started crying at the mall. Yes, my husband is an emotional fellow. He called home in a panic, “There’s no Build-A-Bear, what do I do?” Atha’s been talking about it nonstop for months, so it was kind of a big deal. I told him that we could either build one online and have it shipped, or they could go buy one somewhere else. So he asked Atha, and she decided she wanted to go to Target. Everything turned out fine, I was actually kind of surprised that she didn’t freak out. I think she was just too happy to fuss.

Later on, Jordan and his folks came over and we all went to Burger King because that’s what Atha wanted. Actually, she wanted McDonalds, but the US Army has a contract with BK, so we went there instead of driving the 3-4 extra miles. Then after the kids had played in the playstructure for awhile, we came home and blew up some balloons, then settled in for a nice viewing of Snow Buddies.

Wow, she’s three. Can’t beleeb it! I made this LO with all misc Heather’s stuff, and I like it pretty well, but Vince had all kind of criticism. Didn’t like the font, didn’t like the extraction, etc. I was like, “But I made that fold all by myself! And look at the shadow work! It’s so 3D!” But now I’m all self-conscious about it, so.. oh well. I like the picture a lot.

As for the rest of the weekend, I was treasure hunting with the rest of you, and wasn’t that fun??? WOW, I think I doubled my stash, that was incredible!!! Besides all that, I also played on the “Scrappers and Designers Look Here” (I think that was what it was called) at DST and was RAK’d by Sammy Design, Amy Sumrall, AND CanDee! WOWOWOWW! I’m still working on the LO with Amy’s lovely Tea Garden kit, but my LO’s with the other two are Raaaaht here! Hope you likey!

She watches, made with Sammy Designs’ Beatriz kit

Van Asten, Alaska, 2008 done with CanDesigns’ A Day at the Point

EDIT- I finished the LO I did with Tea Garden last night while Jenny wouldn’t sleep.  Here it is:

My first Commercial use items…….AND THEY’RE FREE!!


commercial use freebie

Click on the overlay to get your freebie.

Check it out!  4 free overlays for personal or commercial use, and NO CREDIT REQUIRED!! (However, you know, I’d be flattered if you did, of course!  🙂  I just have all of these overlays on my hard drive from making kits, and I thought, hey, I’m not selling anymore, why not give a little.  What I would REALLY LOVE is to see what you come up with by using them.  That would make me giggle and smile.  And what do I want you to do for this one… hmmmm… I know, I’ll tell you do something I’m really bad at- send an email to somebody who deserves it.  Or a postal letter, even.  Just get in touch, I owe so many emails.. gah.  But I’m being kind to myself about that…. ahhhh find my calm center.  LOL

Hey, tomorrow Vince and the girls and I are taking off for a two day marriage retreat, which we really kind of need.  We did this in Germany and it was awesome.  In fact, it was on the retreat in Germany that Jenny was conceived (hee hee!!)  In that one, we went to GORGEOUS Rothenberg, Germany’s oldest city.  It is a walled medieval town, with much of the original structure intact.  This time around, we are going to Salina, KS.  But it’s not for scenery that we’re there, is it?!?!  Vince needs the break, too.  His company is working him nonstop.  He’s so stressed out he’s literally covered in hives.  Since the chaplain sponsors the retreat, his command HAS to let him go, too, so that’s awesome.  You KNOW they would NEVER let him go if they weren’t forced to!  Plus we get to stay at the Holiday Inn, and they pay for all our meals, and there’s free daycare for the girls.  So it rocks.  Good stuff.  Dang, we still have to pack, and we need to be out of here before 8 tomorrow. YIKES.  Better get on that.

Anyway, should be fun.

Take a look at this picture.  I call this one: Play Hard, Crash Hard

Okay, see you all in a couple of days!!

My First LO for Anja J

I’m just loving her fun and funky style! I used a whole bunch of her stuff for it. Click on the image to see the full credits. It’s all hers, but from all different kits.
So this is awesome: I have Heather for my dirty stuff (well, this month at least! LOL!), KimB for pretty pretty stuff (get ready for her new kit, it’s GWARgeous!!) and now Anja for fun and funky fresh! Awesome! HOw much more could a girl want? The answer is none much more. LOL. No more CT’s for me, I’m keeping it where it is.

Let me tell you a little about sleeping around here. So there’s the master bedroom, in which we have the master bed (a modest full size bed), and a pack’n’play for Jenny. Across the hall is Atha’s room, in which there is Atha’s toddler bed and a twin bed that used to belong to Quinn, but which we moved for my mom when she came to visit and it stayed there. It was Quinn’s first “big boy” bed, and he was using it till recently, but has finally graduated to the futon, which I think is full sized. At the end of the hall upstairs is this room, the computer room, and there’s another pack’n’play in here, and Jenny’s asleep in it right now. Downstairs we have a big sectional sofa with a hide-a-bed inside. Got that? LOL! Anyway, the master bed was fine for Vince and I before we had kids, because we are both smallish people (well, I’m bigger now after the girls came along, LOL) and we don’t take up much room. However, now that we have kids, it is too small because it seems that one or more of them is always wanting to get in bed with us, and I am with Dr. Sears- there ain’t nothin wrong with a family bed! However, if we have even one girl in there, I certainly don’t sleep, and Vince gets woken up too, which is bad because he has to get up at the crack of dawn.
SO- sometimes he will sleep in the twin bed in Atha’s room, and she will either sleep in her toddler bed, or in the master bed with me and (always at some point during the night) Jenny. That works okay.
BUT- on nights that Vince wants to let me sleep, he prefers to bring everybody downstairs and sleep on the hideabed. I have tried this a few times, and I see the benefits, but sometimes it does a number on my back.
You know what? I was going to tell you more about our crazy sleeping arrangements, but after about 5 minutes of typing I got sick of it. LOL!! Anyway, is there any wonder why we’re all crazy mixed up around here? Nobody wakes up knowing where they are.
Hey, I think I’m going to package up a few of the overlays I made for my papers and give them away as a commercial use freebie tomorrow. What do you think of that? Is there love for free overlays?
Okay, I’m off!

This post was a dup of “My first LO for Anja J”

I’m deleting this post, because it was a dup of the one above it!  WordPress was being a pill, but we seem to have fixed things now!