Patty’s Warm Hug is on sale NOW

Check it out, kids!  It’s fabricky!  It’s textured!  It’s fun, interesting, eclectic!  I think it’s the best thing I’ve made yet.  Right now it’s on sale for 37%off (I don’t know why, I just pulled that figure out of the air) which makes it $3.15  So snatch it up now while you can for the sweet low price!

Please kindly go check it out at my STORE! 

Here’s a LO I made last night for my own Book of Me challenge at DSO.

Click on the photo to get to my flickr page for the full credits.  The paint dawbs swirl comes from one of my posting bonuses this month, I forget if it’s for the Book of Me challenge or the Lyrics challenge.   I made a pretty little mini kit called Muse’s Mistake for the posting bonuses this month, so if you do both of mine you’ll have the full mini.  Plus if you do ALL the challenges at DSO this month, you get a really really big freebie mega kit.  So go do it!

My back is out.  I picked up Jenny last night, just like normal, and I felt this.. pinch.. that just got worse.  Vince used this goofy back massager thingy on my back (it looks like an octopus, and when he bought it I was like, “What the heck is that?”) and it did feel nice while he was doing it, but it didn’t last.  So.. dang.  Oh well, no big deal.  It will pass.  I think I have some percocet left over from when Jenny was born if it gets too bad.  LOL.  Shows what a druggie I am, huh?  Jenny’s  going on 15 months old.

Well… it was a weird weekend.  We got our tax money, and it’s gone.  Makes me feel sick to my stomach, but here’s what we did with it: first we PAID OFF one of our cars, which is huge.  This will not only free up what we were paying for the car payment every month, but now we can reduce our insurance premiums because we no longer need full coverage for it.  So that’s good.  Also, we bought a new deep freeze so I can  do some bulk cooking, and I can buy meat and stuff in bulk when it’s cheap.  So that’s awesome too.  And we paid some bills.  But still,  last year I was able to keep our refund for like 8 months and just use it to live off of so that we didn’t end up having any emergencies like what happened during the ice storm.  So.. well.. just remind me that we did the right thing paying off the car.  Okay?  REMIND ME!  LOL.

I’m going to do some more challenges today. Cate, I’m working on the coloUr challenge!  LOL!!  Aren’t Kim’s colors beautiful this month?

Alright, I’m OFF.


9 Responses

  1. Best of luck with your back feeling better! How nice to have finances better in order with that car paid off!

    Great job on the kit. Thank you for the nice comments on my blog, too! 🙂

  2. hope your back feels better soon!! and sounds like you definitely did the right thing with the tax money!! paying off a car is ALWAYS a good thing! 😀 chugging thru on the DSO blog train.. choo choo!! Love the layout & kit!!! GREAT job! Have a WONDERFUL day! feel better!!!! 😀

  3. I really like your kit – an you’re right, lots and lots of texture! Hope your back feels better soon!

  4. Aww, hope your back soon picks up, i suffer from a bad back occasionally, picking up large dogs to bathe lol! I have every intention in doing one of your challenges this month, as you prob guessed I’m quite a newcomer at this, since only started blogging at beginning of January, but i am having lots of fun over at the DSO xx

  5. toot toot!!! just dropping by on the DSO blog train again – LOL!!! Love your LO – very precious moment!

    hope your back gets better real soon – not much fun especially when you need to sit for prolonged periods at the computer – just keep your octopussy thingy handy, lots of warm showers, maybe a scotch might help too!!! LOL

  6. I hope your back feels better!
    I’m jealous that you already got your tax refund (even if you spend it). We have not done our taxes yet.

  7. LOVELY layout ma’am!

    (with payig off that car :-D)
    I hate it when my back does that. apply lots of warmth to it, that usually helps 🙂
    choo-choo! blog train passing through …

  9. You did the RIGHT THING!

    Great lo & love the kit! Checking in from DSO blog train.

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