I'm a DIRTY GIRL this February!
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Okay, I’m gonna cook all this meat today.  I am hoping to post you a pic of what it all looks like cooked at the end of the day, maybe tomorrow morning at the latest.  If you don’t hear from me, sent kitchen help immediately!  The idea is to make some meals while I have help here on the weekend, and this way if nobody’s up to cooking on the weeknights, we have something we can just pop in the oven instead of ordering a pizza or going for fast food.  I think I’m gonna make three meatloaves, and some BBQ tips, and maybe some pork fajita strips.  We’ll see what comes out.

Here’s the part where I talk about being a bad blogger, owing people emails etc etc.  You’ve heard it all before, and I promised I wasn’t going to talk about not feeling good anymore.  So I won’t!  I didn’t blog for a few days, but here I am now!

Hey, guess what?  I’m on another CT!  Permanent-like this time!  It’s KIM B’s CT!  YAYYY!  When I stepped down from designing at DSO I was like, “Man, now I have to PAY for Kim’s stuff!” and then I thought, hey what if she let me be on her CT?  So now I am!  YAY!  And all the ladies on it are crazee just like she is- well, not JUST like she is, but well, it’s fun crew, let’s just say that.  Neat!  Here’s my blinkie:

Also, I finished this LO last night and wow, I’d been working on this puppy for a couple of days.  Well, except for the times that Vince kicked me off the ‘puter to play his danged hidden object games, he loves those.  Anyway, it’s for my lyrics challenge at DSO.  This is Vince’s and My song, and this LO was just really hard to make, maybe it’s cuz the song means so much to me.  But I finally got this done.  I think it looks okay, but it doesn’t convey the mood I wanted.  Maybe I’ll rescrap it someday.

Here’s whatcha got:

Click on it to see credits, it’s almost all Heather.

Okay, I’m off to cook meat!


8 Responses

  1. Oh, I love Meatloaf……..Congrats on the CT for Kim B. She is just halarious, I love her blog too….Love the quote on your layout as well, great job.

  2. LOL good luck with all that meat! Congrats on the new CT spot! 🙂

  3. Good luck w/ all that meat. I keep meaning to try to cook once/month thing, but haven’t done it. It’ll be cool to see your after pic!

  4. oh hun that layout is gorgeous! what a spunky man you got there! congrats on making kims team! i love looking at her CT’s layouts, their all so talented. oh and good luck with the meat! lol

  5. Happy cooking, and congrats on your CT spot.

  6. Good luck in the kitchen girl!, and Congrats od begin part of Kim’s CT!

  7. LOL- want to come here and help with mine??- Actually Wayne cooks most of the time now ( *blush*) as I’m always stuck in this computer chair- hahaha. We only have take-out maybe once a week and that’s on weekends ( usually because we’re hungover and don’t like the EFFORT-hahaha)
    Girl you just don’t know that I conned ya- ROTF! I would have sent you my goodies anyway- now I get some LO’s too- whoooohoooo ( kidding- but you know that-MWAH)
    Yeah we have a AWSOME bunch of ladies who stick together like GLUE! Welcome to the team girl and you are going to fit RIGHT in ( uhum- well you have already-LOL)
    Sending hugs

  8. Please be careful… there is a HUGE beef recall, from an abusive slaughterhouse/farm. They are using downer and sick cattle for slaughter. Millions of tons may be affected.
    Here is a link… may not be active after today. Just go to Google News and enter “recalled beef”.

    Hugs, Crabcakes

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