This post was a dup of “My first LO for Anja J”

I’m deleting this post, because it was a dup of the one above it!  WordPress was being a pill, but we seem to have fixed things now!


3 Responses

  1. I just love Anja’s designs. Great job on the layout.

  2. There is all kinds of love for free overlays! Even though I don’t make kits; (I’ve been told never say never) and they might come in handy. Yes, I am a huge graphic packrat.
    Your sleeping arrangements sound a lot like mine when my kids were small. Actually, I now have my 18 yr. old daughter living with me, and she’s got the flu….so guess where she is? Yep, tucked up in my bed. After DH left for work before dawn (he’s on overtime, ten hour shifts, leaves at 4:30 am) she came in there with me. I guess you never get too old for mommy comforting!

  3. Oh I just could not cope with musical beds in the night. Our kids have always been returned to their own beds, but that is just what works for us.

    Hope you get your blog issues sorted, and I hope I commented in the right place!

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