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My first Commercial use items…….AND THEY’RE FREE!!


commercial use freebie

Click on the overlay to get your freebie.

Check it out!  4 free overlays for personal or commercial use, and NO CREDIT REQUIRED!! (However, you know, I’d be flattered if you did, of course!  🙂  I just have all of these overlays on my hard drive from making kits, and I thought, hey, I’m not selling anymore, why not give a little.  What I would REALLY LOVE is to see what you come up with by using them.  That would make me giggle and smile.  And what do I want you to do for this one… hmmmm… I know, I’ll tell you do something I’m really bad at- send an email to somebody who deserves it.  Or a postal letter, even.  Just get in touch, I owe so many emails.. gah.  But I’m being kind to myself about that…. ahhhh find my calm center.  LOL

Hey, tomorrow Vince and the girls and I are taking off for a two day marriage retreat, which we really kind of need.  We did this in Germany and it was awesome.  In fact, it was on the retreat in Germany that Jenny was conceived (hee hee!!)  In that one, we went to GORGEOUS Rothenberg, Germany’s oldest city.  It is a walled medieval town, with much of the original structure intact.  This time around, we are going to Salina, KS.  But it’s not for scenery that we’re there, is it?!?!  Vince needs the break, too.  His company is working him nonstop.  He’s so stressed out he’s literally covered in hives.  Since the chaplain sponsors the retreat, his command HAS to let him go, too, so that’s awesome.  You KNOW they would NEVER let him go if they weren’t forced to!  Plus we get to stay at the Holiday Inn, and they pay for all our meals, and there’s free daycare for the girls.  So it rocks.  Good stuff.  Dang, we still have to pack, and we need to be out of here before 8 tomorrow. YIKES.  Better get on that.

Anyway, should be fun.

Take a look at this picture.  I call this one: Play Hard, Crash Hard

Okay, see you all in a couple of days!!


8 Responses

  1. TOOT!! TOOT!!! DSO blog train coming…

    great overlays – just might have to snag them – TFS!!!

    your trip to Germany sounds divine – hope you have a fantastic time – you never know you may hear the sound of pitter patter of tiny feet again in 9 months – LOL!!!

    cute little piccie – looks like she certainly has been playing hard the way she’s crashed on the sofa – can’t say she looks too comfortable – amazing the positions our kids fall asleep in – hehe!!!

  2. Thanks for the overlays, and have a great time in Germany.

  3. Great overlays, thanks. Enjoy your 2 day retreat, the rest could help you get over the stress from the past and help you in the days to come. Love the pic of the little one, they sure can fall asleep anywhere and anyway.

  4. Got your email, and passed the info to Kam. Isn’t it silly some of the rules certain companies have?? And, to not contact you to let you know… wierd. Yes, she has WalMart near her. Dad normally sends her & her son GC from WalMart for birthdays and Xmas.

    Great freebie! I’ll have to remember to stop back after I get home. Hope you’re having a productive time at your seminar! [hugs]

  5. Hee hee, such a cute photo, Andrea! Thanks for the overlays – we can’t have too many textures, can we?

  6. The layouts are too preciious, but that photo says it all!

  7. Thanks so much — SO VERY MUCH — for the overlays freebie! I’m just dying to try making some papers and these will be great to practise and play with!
    Love that “play hard, crash hard” too! What a picture!!!

  8. Thank you so much! Just found your site and these overlays are fantastic! I can’t wait to begin playing with them, thank you so very very much! xx

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