Transcend with today’s Freebie!

transcend freebie

Hey, look, it’s a freebie! Click on the preview to DL. You get three papers, a stitched and be-buttoned flower, a doodle flower, a button, a frame and the title word art. I am in the debt of miss KIM BRODELET for some absolutely beautiful commercial use items I used, namely some fantabulous overlays, as well as the gwargeous flowers!! WOW!

I had uploaded this last night, with a different preview, but I had been in a rush when I made that preview (the girls were sleeeeee-py!) and this morning when I got up I decided that I hated the preview and made this new one. So for the folks who dl’d it last night, it’s the same thing, just with a better preview. When you dl you’ll see the older preview inside and then it will be very clear why I ditched that one. YUK!!

So Vince went back to work today. It will end up being his second week in a row with only two work days. Which is good because work had been really driving him nuts. He was really a pleasure to have around the last couple of days, probably because he’d been able to de-stress a bit. Hopefully he can retain a bit of this peaceful nature into the weeks ahead. He might really think that he’s internalizing his stress, but he’s wrong.

Does anybody here FLY ? As in Finally Loving Yourself, as in I’ve tried to do this a couple of times, and would like to give it another go, but yikes, there is SO MUCH email! If anybody has any hints, I’d love to hear them.

Okay, gonna get this up and onto the blog trains!


17 Responses

  1. Very pretty colors Andrea!!! I’ll swing by and snag it later!!! Have a good one!!! Mwah!!!!

  2. I’m in awe of those that follow the Fly Lady. I couldn’t stand the wade through all of the info on the website so I passed it up, but I think there are a lot of good principles there.

  3. Great freebie!

  4. I have tried once, and know I should again.

    I do use my 15 minute timer quite often,

  5. Very pretty freebie! Thanks for sharing! I kinda do Flylady, but you are right the amount of email is KILLER!

  6. i love flylady, like anything else, take what you need and discard what you dont… the notebook (control journal) is the best… being a scrapper i made mine pretty… i set up rules in my email program, so some of the emails go straight to trash… but if did not have a reminder to change activities i would sit here at the computer all day…

  7. I love the flylady. I don’t get her emails right now – but I used to. Very motivating. Cool freebie.

  8. Hiya Andrea! Stopping by on the train. Awesome freebie, thanks for sharing your talent, hun!

  9. this is lovely, thanks so very much, especially like the lacy flower.

  10. Hey lady! This freebie is GORGEOUS!!! Thanks – it’s great to see you are still creating!

    I love the flylady, too – but I do not get the emails anymore. I still follow a few of her ideas – like keeping the kitchen sink spotless – I can’t stand to have a dirty sink, so I keep it clean all the time! My dirty dishes stay in the dishwasher until it’s full – then start it – easier to keep this up than anything else.

  11. I don’t do the Flylady e-mails, but I do stop by her site about once a week to see what the zone is and get some motivation. It definitely helps even though I’m not religious about it!

  12. Gorgeous LOs, lady! No idea about FlyLady… I’ve got a crapload of stuff to get done tonight… Hope all’s going well!

  13. I loved FlyLady when I first joined (like 6 years ago) but then the email became more and more and more so what I did was get one of those folders with the little three ring paper prongs and just print out for one month the reminder emails and the daily ones just go in the front. Then I just used those and cancelled the emails other than administrative ones. But since the accident I haven’t even tried to FLY. But I have found that the two girls are easily bribed and threats work once in a while. Great LO’s coming through here. I love the one of your son in the mirror. Remind him about the song “every girl’s crazy bout a sharped dressed man” lol. Missing you. Take care and know that you and the fam are in my prayer list. Love ya.

  14. Thanks so much

  15. Dork dancing thu , to say hi and snagging up your lovely freebie, thank you so much.

  16. My favorite Fly lady tip was to get a bag and walk around the house tossing 15 items each day. It was quick and before long, I had a whole lot less stuff in drawers and closets.

  17. I have been flying for some time and love it. I think the best principal I get out of it is to jump in where ever I am. There is a feed for the emails, I don’t know how I found it but I could get it to you if you email me. That way I just read the ones that I am interested in.

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