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Couple of Funny LO’s today

Here is a fun and goofy LO’s today. This first one I did for K-Fish (aka Fishinmom)’s “I Can’t Believe You Scrapped That” challenge at DSO. She wanted us to scrap weird photos and this definitely is one. I don’t think I could have taken a worse photo of him if I’d tried. I used Kristine (you know, the Wench- Wenchd Grafix)’s new Emerald Isle kit (on sale NOW, WOW!!)  for everything in it, but I had some assistance for the cool journal banner- I used one of Helena Jole’s Journal-Ons as a template.

This is Atha’s pal Jordan really really  enjoying balloons at Atha’s birthday last weekend.  I thought that he just looked excited enough to jump out of his skin.  I was going for a super duper 3D look with the balloons, did I succeed?  I’ve been playing a lot with drop shadows lately trying to get this effect, not sure how well it came out this time.  I used AnjaJ’s really fun and bright Happy Easter kit for everything here.

Cheez Whiz, I woke up with the meanest headache today, think it might be turning out to be a migraine.  Which is why maybe I’m not so lively.  Yikes!  But I did want to share these LO’s with ya, hope you likee!


4 Responses

  1. Morning!!!!! Swinging thru to blow kisses at youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!! Mwah ! Mwah!

  2. Great los and I really hope your feeling better!

  3. ROTF- the looks like he is ready to BURST- wahahahaha-
    LOVE the pages girl
    Toot Toooting through!

  4. Great Layoutz. Vince just lookz super duper tuckered out in that first one and I think the balloons look pretty good. Definately better than I could do!!! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a kid that excited about balloonz. My kidz alwayz hated them when they were younger. Too afraid they’d pop. So only got the mylar onez until just recently. Just stoppin by to say Love ya, you rock! Praying your feeling better and Vince is getting enough rest.

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