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This is Cheesecake.
Vince brought her home yesterday afternoon from the shelter in the next town over.  They said “Spaniel,” but after looking her over I think she’s Aussie shepherd and Beagle- two very smart kinds of dogs!  The idea was to have a house dog and a friend for Dana, the crackhead outside dog we have.  She’s a real sweetie.  Just affectionate and loving.  Has a little problem peeing and pooping on the carpet when my husband isn’t looking so I can clean it up, but other than that she’s a peach.  Oh, and she’s in heat, gotta get her fixed.
Anyhoo, this morning she took a big dump on the carpet and I put her outside so I could clean it up before one of the girls touched it or something.  Cleaned it up, five minutes later I went to get her back inside and she was gone.  ARRRGGGHHH!!!  I freaked out, called everyone- the housing office, the Vet clinic and the shelter here on post, and my husband.  Atha’s like, “Where’s Cheesecake, Mommy?”
Found her a few hours later.  She was at the shelter on post.  How much you all wanna bet she’s pregnant?

BTW, she hates Dana.  Apparently Dana is too much of a spaz for her, too.  Now what do we do with Dana?  Well, maybe it’s too early to say.  They  may start getting along in the future.  Baby steps!

Still feeling funky, wishing that there wasn’t this much excitement, but whatever.  I’m drinking lots of water.

Here’s a LO I would like to share with you.  Whaddaya think?

I did this for round one in Gotta Pixel’s March Mania competition.
We had to use 16 items. They are listed as follows with their credits:
2 patterned papers- Lori Davison’s Twitterpated Passion Play
3 solid papers-2 from Blushbutter’s Gentle kit, one from Ztampf Compassionette
1 frame- Hope the window counts!  It’s from Blushbutter’s Gentle kit
2 ribbons-both from Gentle
4 flowers-all from Gentle
2 alphas- blue alpha and Grunge alpha 2 by Anja J
2 photos- I used Heather Manning’s soft sepia on the bottom one.   Both are my li’l Jen Jen!



16 Responses

  1. Cheesecake’s pretty!!! Next time she takes off, try going after her with the car. That’s what I have to do with my crackhead..OOPS I mean Abby.

  2. I hope that you find your Cheesecake. It’s sweet that you got her from the shelter. Both of mine are rescues and they are just the best dogs. It may take a while for them to warm up to each other. Crackhead is just being territorial.

    Awesome layout. Glad you’re staying with Heather full time!!

  3. Love the layout girl!!!!! Just swinging through to blow some kisses!!! Feel better soon!

  4. cheesecake, what a wonderful name, and a beautiful dog. I hope she doesn’t keep taking off!
    good luck with the “potty training”!

  5. Oh man, dog in heat on the loose. I hope you’re not posting later on abtou puppies to give away.

    Hope you’re feeling better soon.

    Great layout!

  6. She is beautiful! She looks like spaniel and australian shepherd to me… we have had both! 🙂 Our Cocker was just as sweet as could be… our Spaniel was a shepherding machine! Very sweet guy though! 🙂

  7. I wanted to let you know that Saina won the blog makeover contest, but you still qualify for 20% off any of my services. Thanks for entering!


  8. Thank you for rescuing a dog from the shelter. She will get better and what a joy she will bring to your home. Beautiful dog. Love the coat. We have a rescued boxer which is just a gem, as I listen to his loud snoring.

  9. That layout is too cute!

  10. Oh I LOVE the name Cheesecake! Shes beautiful. And I had to giggle at your dog blog comment at dst! Im glad you found her okay!! I can relate to the dog poop, we dont have a dog but we are potty training!! LOL Okay so its not ACTUALLY dog poop but equally gross right lol!

  11. Great layout. I hope the trasition with your new dog smooths out.

  12. What an adorable doggy — hope she settles in quickly!

  13. Cheesecake sounds like she has a great family with you guys. We have taken in strays all my life. Right now we have a ferret that we found in a storm drain 4 years ago. I guess he pooped in one corner too many. He is pretty cool. I had a cat that was a bit psycho and a stray that was obsessive compulsive. The one that was obsessive cleaned up around the litter pan for the messy psycho cat. Animal ownership is an adventure!

  14. Naughty, naughty Cheesecake! just stoppin by, thanks for visiting my blog!

  15. TOOOT TOOOOT- ing through and OH I LOVE LOVE LOVE cheescake!! She’s gorgeous!! just look at that face!
    GREAT LO girl!
    Sending hugs

  16. Just passing thru on the DSO blog train…. Love cheescake, such a beauty and love the name too. What an awesome LO!!

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