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I’m the Winnah! I’m Moving! and a Cheesecake update.

What do you think of this?  This is my first ATC (as it is helpfully labled!) and I made it on a whim to enter Tangie Baxter’s blog challenge a couple of weeks ago, and guess what!  I was one of the winners!  Hooray!  I won $5 at her shop, which I then used to purchase her full size altered art kit.  I think I’m gonna work some altered art and trading cards into my colour challenge, which I have to start working on today.

Here’s the Cheesecake update.  I can’t remember if I mentioned it in the last post, but Vince brought her to the vet just a short while after we got her back from the shelter so we could get her fixed.  I know, I know puppies are cute, but it’s against post regulations for pets to procreate, and Vince already got a citation for “failure to control” her, so we didn’t want to chance another violation.  Best to take care of what we were planning on taking care of anyway.  So she came home this morning, meek and slow and repentant.  Unfortunately I can’t bring her in the living room right now, although I really want to.  Poor thing was in a shelter, then here for less than 24 hours, then in another shelter, then at the vet, which was a lot like a shelter, but with torture.  Now she’s here on the other side of the baby gate.  I just don’t want her to poop on the carpet (which seems to be her preferred place to poop) and I also don’t want to risk her getting Jenni-cized, especially while she’s fragile.  Poor baby.  And poor Dana-doggie outside, spazzing up the joint and tilling the yard like she farms for a living.  I wish we could find a family with teenage boys who go outside (unlike Quinn, who’s definitely an IN-doorsy type) to take her and romp with her like she needs it.

Oh well.

It’s a good day, folks!  I finally got my challenge posting bonuses up, so be sure to hop by DSO and check them out.  My challenges are Book of Me– where this month we are talking about transcending hardships and making personal triumphs, and the Lyric challenge-where this month we are scrapping True Colors by Cyndi Lauper.  You know you wanna go!

Finally, Boyerville will very soon be packing up and moving to Blogger!  The site needed an overhaul, and I didn’t want to do it, so I took advantage of the 20% discount I got for entering  Freestyle Mamma’s Custom Blog Makeover
contest.  I didn’t win, but heck.  I was dreading doing it so much that I ponied up some dough and asked Diana to do it for me!   She’s doing an awesome job using my Muses Mistake stuff to decorate my new digs, I know you’re gonna love the new place!  I sure do!  The new address is very difficult to remember- instead of Boyervillescraps.wordpress, it’s gonna be boyervillescraps.blogspot.  I know, I know, it’s tough, but I’ll give you a link.

Oh, and real quick- American Idol- Best performance of the night was David Cook doing that super spooky version of Hello.  And I wanted to hit Randy Jackson with my shoe for thinking that “Don’t You Forget About Me” is by INXS.  Silly man!  He was in the music biz in the 80’s, he should know it’s by Simple Minds.  Yikes.


10 Responses

  1. Congrat on your win. Cheesecake is beautiful.

  2. Poor Cheesecake! LOL She’ll be happier in the end – or maybe just you will, but either way…

    Great ATC! I did some quite a while ago paper-style, but could never really get into it. You really seem to get it though! Congrats!

    Anywho – just dork-dancing through as your DST Blog Train tail… I’d have commented earlier except the blinkin’ pc crashed, and I had to wait for the boss to go to lunch. 🙂

  3. oh poor little Cheesecake. But it’ll be for the best in the long run if you all can live together! [omg, I just read Cate’s comment and she said almost exactly the same thing! Great minds, I guess :)]

  4. Yay – great trading card, Andrea! And Cheesecake is so adorable! (It would NOT be a good idea for me to name a pet after a food because then that’s all I’d think about…)

  5. Poooooor Cheesecake! I hope she heals quickly & learns that she’s supposed to poop outside instead of on the carpet. Makes for a MUCH more comfy living arangement for her….well, did for Abby anyway. Thank goodness we don’t have carpet, tho. hehe all hardwood floors.

    Sweet ATC!!!! Congrats on winning!!! hehe *doing a dirty girl dork dance for ya*

  6. Awww!!!! Sending hugs to Cheesecake…new blog looks yummy!!!! Love the colors!!!!! Loving the fact that you are an 80’s whore too….Mwah! Mwah!

  7. Your atc is fab! I can see why you are a winner.
    hope Cheesecake isn’t too sore!

  8. Great job on the ATC – I’ve made a couple with rubber stamps, but not any digital ones. 🙂 Glad your doggie is home safely, albeit a bit sore, but as you said, better to get her taken care of now.

  9. Congrats!! Your ATC looks great!! Hope Cheesecake heels quickly and good luck with the housebreaking.

  10. What cutie cheescake is , love the name .

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