Couple of Funny LO’s today

Here is a fun and goofy LO’s today. This first one I did for K-Fish (aka Fishinmom)’s “I Can’t Believe You Scrapped That” challenge at DSO. She wanted us to scrap weird photos and this definitely is one. I don’t think I could have taken a worse photo of him if I’d tried. I used Kristine (you know, the Wench- Wenchd Grafix)’s new Emerald Isle kit (on sale NOW, WOW!!)  for everything in it, but I had some assistance for the cool journal banner- I used one of Helena Jole’s Journal-Ons as a template.

This is Atha’s pal Jordan really really  enjoying balloons at Atha’s birthday last weekend.  I thought that he just looked excited enough to jump out of his skin.  I was going for a super duper 3D look with the balloons, did I succeed?  I’ve been playing a lot with drop shadows lately trying to get this effect, not sure how well it came out this time.  I used AnjaJ’s really fun and bright Happy Easter kit for everything here.

Cheez Whiz, I woke up with the meanest headache today, think it might be turning out to be a migraine.  Which is why maybe I’m not so lively.  Yikes!  But I did want to share these LO’s with ya, hope you likee!


Patty’s Warm Hug is on sale NOW

Check it out, kids!  It’s fabricky!  It’s textured!  It’s fun, interesting, eclectic!  I think it’s the best thing I’ve made yet.  Right now it’s on sale for 37%off (I don’t know why, I just pulled that figure out of the air) which makes it $3.15  So snatch it up now while you can for the sweet low price!

Please kindly go check it out at my STORE! 

Here’s a LO I made last night for my own Book of Me challenge at DSO.

Click on the photo to get to my flickr page for the full credits.  The paint dawbs swirl comes from one of my posting bonuses this month, I forget if it’s for the Book of Me challenge or the Lyrics challenge.   I made a pretty little mini kit called Muse’s Mistake for the posting bonuses this month, so if you do both of mine you’ll have the full mini.  Plus if you do ALL the challenges at DSO this month, you get a really really big freebie mega kit.  So go do it!

My back is out.  I picked up Jenny last night, just like normal, and I felt this.. pinch.. that just got worse.  Vince used this goofy back massager thingy on my back (it looks like an octopus, and when he bought it I was like, “What the heck is that?”) and it did feel nice while he was doing it, but it didn’t last.  So.. dang.  Oh well, no big deal.  It will pass.  I think I have some percocet left over from when Jenny was born if it gets too bad.  LOL.  Shows what a druggie I am, huh?  Jenny’s  going on 15 months old.

Well… it was a weird weekend.  We got our tax money, and it’s gone.  Makes me feel sick to my stomach, but here’s what we did with it: first we PAID OFF one of our cars, which is huge.  This will not only free up what we were paying for the car payment every month, but now we can reduce our insurance premiums because we no longer need full coverage for it.  So that’s good.  Also, we bought a new deep freeze so I can  do some bulk cooking, and I can buy meat and stuff in bulk when it’s cheap.  So that’s awesome too.  And we paid some bills.  But still,  last year I was able to keep our refund for like 8 months and just use it to live off of so that we didn’t end up having any emergencies like what happened during the ice storm.  So.. well.. just remind me that we did the right thing paying off the car.  Okay?  REMIND ME!  LOL.

I’m going to do some more challenges today. Cate, I’m working on the coloUr challenge!  LOL!!  Aren’t Kim’s colors beautiful this month?

Alright, I’m OFF.

It’s finally Here!!!!!! Oh My GOTH is on sale NOW!

On sale now at DSO!  

And remember, during January, enter code SHAKERBOX to get an additional 20% off my products!  Whoop-dee-doo!

Now, read the post below if you want to know about my life and such.  And for a freebie from the NEXT kit.

Manic Monday, to coin a phrase

Hello everybody.  Man oh man.  So Vince was a wonderful hubby and let me sleep BOTH NIGHTS this weekend.  It was awesome.  But what’s come of that?  Well, the poor things didn’t have anything that passes for a schedule anyway, ever since their daddy came home from Iraq.  Something keeps happening to interrupt their routine.  And after this weekend, nobody wants to sleep at night.  Jenny didn’t really fall asleep until 5 AM, GRRR!  But that’s when Vince has to get up.  I hope that he got some sleep, I tried to keep her out of the room when she was crying.  Anyway.  I’m all jumbled up.  Because finally Jenny and I were sleeping soundly, and Atha came in and woke us up at 10AM.  UM, WOW.  Now I feel like the day is half over, the dishwasher is full of clean dishes, every single toy the girls own is on the living room floor, plus I want to do some work for Scorpology (I’m doing some previews for Angel there, but didn’t do any last week due to the ISP issues), I NEED to finish Oh My Goth.. it’s been like a month I’ve been working on that one, and I think I need to make some hardware to round out the elements.  Elements stress me out.  Grrr. Plus I want to finish my Feb Mega for DSO, and I need to do some posting there, want to pass out the posting bonuses for this month so far,  also, I’m doing a bible study with Beth over at Concealed stars and I’m dying to read and respond to every single post on that board, I have a LO to post for Karla, plus I really feel like I’m just horribly behind as far as CT lo’s go for her, so I want to do a new one, but hey now it’s 11 and Vince will probably be home in about 45 minutes for lunch so I have to make something for him and….

I decided that nothing is on fire, the girls have clean diapers (actually, Atha’s been doing an awesome job of pee peeing in the potty!  Now if we could master Poo poo!) and have had breakfast, I decided just to sit down and blog.  *SIGH*  A good indication for me that things have gotten too hectic and I have to sit down and breathe is when I bark at Atha.  How’s this for something stoooooooopid?  I couldn’t find the remote, and I was getting all grumpy with Atha because she wasn’t helping me find it.  Okay, I’ll remind you that she’s gonna be 3 on Feb 23.  C’mon now!  How much help would she really be?  She does a great job of finding Jenny’s bottle when Jenny has dropped it somewhere, but really.
And now Atha is telling me she’s hungry for “macanoni cheese,” so I’d better get up and get that.
Oh, and the poor dog is still in her cage.  Oh, wow!
So much for my breather!
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I’m a Sponsor at The Shaker Box!

Just a quick note, I’m super busy today lovingly crafting your freebie for tomorrow (and trying very hard not to exceed my usage cap!! LOL)  But I wanted just to say a thingy or two.

First,  you sweet people, Diane, Kristine and Jeanette- worried about me!  Oh gosh, I guess I didn’t say when I’d be back.  Bad me.  I feel so loved- you ladies are the BEST!!

Also, several months ago I responded to a sponsor call at the Shaker Box and was offered this month to be their sponsor.   I didn’t know that this month would be the most difficult month to arrange things- I didn’t think about it being right after Christmas, and I had no idea of all the other issues that would have happened.. but anyway, it took us all a minute, but finally they’ve got my links up and their CT have done some LO’s with my stuff.  I am IN LOVE with what they’ve done.  Not  that I don’t already Love MY CT,  but this stuff is great too!  Check it out.  And in celebration of my sponsorship there, I’m offering a 20% off coupon to my store.  Enter SHAKERBOX at check out to receive 20% off your order of my stuff!  YAY!!!

(NOTE- Bunny has said that she’s done her best, but that sometimes the coupons do something funky and if that happens, she’ll  have to pull the coupon.  If that happens, don’t worry, just  drop me a line and I’ll be sure to make it worth your while SOMEHOW.  You know me, I’m not stingy with the free stuff!)

Okay, back to work!  Not only do I have lots of designing to do, but you should see the laundry.. or maybe you shouldn’t!  *sigh*

Feelin’ Fine Friday!

I woke up this morning, and my nose was not running, my eyes didn’t feel like they had been partially sewn shut, and my head didn’t feel full of lead. Whoo hoo!!!! I don’t know what happened last night, but it seems like things are on an upswing again. I just needed to have faith and keep drinkin’ my health drinks!!

Also, last night when Vince got home from work, at first there was a total cold war between him and Quinn, but slowly the temperature changed and eventually we were able to have a RATIONAL, ADULT discussion about Quinn’s speeding ticket. The ticket was for 78 mph in a 65, not 84 like I thought. The cop TOLD Quinn that he had been going 84, but didn’t write that on the ticket. Plus, he called Quinn “Ma’am,” wrote down the car as a 4 door when it is a 2 door, and where he wrote 78 it looks just like 70. And Quinn was passing a truck at the time. SO we think we may be able to fight the ticket, based on all that plus Quinn’s stellar rep in the community. Anyway we’re gonna try. The court date is on the 16th, so we have plenty of time for fact finding.

Also, Tragedy did this awesome LO as her entry into my contest!! Here it is, it’s her aunt’s schnauzer Polo, isn’t he handsome?

She wants to win a kit made by me to her own specs. That’s what I’m offering to folks who buy COOL YULE, on sale NOW at DSO for a mere $2.10, less than the cost of a Starbuck’s large regular coffee!! Buy the kit (which has plenty of stripes and solids that will work for any season), scrap a LO with it and send the link to me, and you will be entered into a drawing for a kit of your choice! We work on it together! YAY! You get the kit for free, and I may even offer it up for sale in my store. Provided that your taste isn’t.. um.. very specific. LOL!

Click on the preview to be WHOOSHED to my store where you can pick up COOL YULE for yourself!

So things are better. But I think somebody pooped, so I’d better go figure out who. My bet is Jenny.

I am thinking of putting together a Friday Freebie for you, it’d just be late, so check back later.

Lots of love and hugs!


Here’s what I’m doing for the Friday Freebie! Since I left JFTSOI in the middle of the month, and my challenges there were not so… well received (ahem) I’m gonna give you the posting bonuses for Nov for your Friday Freebie. Which reminds me, I have to get off my caboose and upload the Earth Angel kit to DSO! Click on the previews to get to 4shared and get your freebies! And your freebie RAK for today is.. to be grateful for one specific thing (like buttered popcorn, or frosty trees), and to smile at one stranger.

Okay here ya go!

FREEBIE color posting bonus

FREEBIE lyric posting bonus

Cool Yule is on SALE now!

We interrupt Jenny’s birthday to bring you this ad:

It’s grungy, rumpled, worn and comfy, kinda like a pile of ripped wrapping paper and your favorite Christmas morning pajamas. Lots of stripes, solids and plaids here that will take you long beyond the holiday season!   Now $2.10 at Digital-Scrapbooking.Org!

To sweeten the deal, do a LO with any of my seasonal kits (I’m working on another one tomorrow, hope you like it!), and you will be entered in a drawing for me to MAKE A KIT FOR YOU, done to your own specs!  How cool is that?

Okay, now go look at Jenny’s pictures below!