Transcend with today’s Freebie!

transcend freebie

Hey, look, it’s a freebie! Click on the preview to DL. You get three papers, a stitched and be-buttoned flower, a doodle flower, a button, a frame and the title word art. I am in the debt of miss KIM BRODELET for some absolutely beautiful commercial use items I used, namely some fantabulous overlays, as well as the gwargeous flowers!! WOW!

I had uploaded this last night, with a different preview, but I had been in a rush when I made that preview (the girls were sleeeeee-py!) and this morning when I got up I decided that I hated the preview and made this new one. So for the folks who dl’d it last night, it’s the same thing, just with a better preview. When you dl you’ll see the older preview inside and then it will be very clear why I ditched that one. YUK!!

So Vince went back to work today. It will end up being his second week in a row with only two work days. Which is good because work had been really driving him nuts. He was really a pleasure to have around the last couple of days, probably because he’d been able to de-stress a bit. Hopefully he can retain a bit of this peaceful nature into the weeks ahead. He might really think that he’s internalizing his stress, but he’s wrong.

Does anybody here FLY ? As in Finally Loving Yourself, as in I’ve tried to do this a couple of times, and would like to give it another go, but yikes, there is SO MUCH email! If anybody has any hints, I’d love to hear them.

Okay, gonna get this up and onto the blog trains!


My first Commercial use items…….AND THEY’RE FREE!!


commercial use freebie

Click on the overlay to get your freebie.

Check it out!  4 free overlays for personal or commercial use, and NO CREDIT REQUIRED!! (However, you know, I’d be flattered if you did, of course!  🙂  I just have all of these overlays on my hard drive from making kits, and I thought, hey, I’m not selling anymore, why not give a little.  What I would REALLY LOVE is to see what you come up with by using them.  That would make me giggle and smile.  And what do I want you to do for this one… hmmmm… I know, I’ll tell you do something I’m really bad at- send an email to somebody who deserves it.  Or a postal letter, even.  Just get in touch, I owe so many emails.. gah.  But I’m being kind to myself about that…. ahhhh find my calm center.  LOL

Hey, tomorrow Vince and the girls and I are taking off for a two day marriage retreat, which we really kind of need.  We did this in Germany and it was awesome.  In fact, it was on the retreat in Germany that Jenny was conceived (hee hee!!)  In that one, we went to GORGEOUS Rothenberg, Germany’s oldest city.  It is a walled medieval town, with much of the original structure intact.  This time around, we are going to Salina, KS.  But it’s not for scenery that we’re there, is it?!?!  Vince needs the break, too.  His company is working him nonstop.  He’s so stressed out he’s literally covered in hives.  Since the chaplain sponsors the retreat, his command HAS to let him go, too, so that’s awesome.  You KNOW they would NEVER let him go if they weren’t forced to!  Plus we get to stay at the Holiday Inn, and they pay for all our meals, and there’s free daycare for the girls.  So it rocks.  Good stuff.  Dang, we still have to pack, and we need to be out of here before 8 tomorrow. YIKES.  Better get on that.

Anyway, should be fun.

Take a look at this picture.  I call this one: Play Hard, Crash Hard

Okay, see you all in a couple of days!!

An Update, Big News, and a FREEBIE!

Whoo hoo, a Wednesday freebie! It’s at the bottom of the post, so if that’s why you are here, go ahead and scroll down.

Okay, first, I’m feeling much better than I was a couple of days ago, but still not great. The docs say my immune system is compromised in some way, but we don’t know what it is. It’s not any of the obvious things, cuz we’ve checked those all recently. But until we know what’s wrong and can treat it, I have been ordered to cut out stress (LOLOLOL) which means that

I’m no longer designing for profit. I have stepped down from designing for DSO, but am staying on as a Pixie there so I’ll be able to keep my challenges, which I dearly love (YAY!) and I’ll be contributing to the monthly mega kit. I’ll also still be designing freebies and whatnot here and there, and I’ll probably be applying to do some CT stints. (In fact, with all the craziness, I haven’t told you all yet that I’m a FEB GUEST CT for HEATHER!!! YAY)

So that’s that. I’m keeping my spirits up, and am actually feeling great about taking this positive step for my health. That said, I’m probably not going to talk about my health much anymore because I don’t want to.

But I hope to get back to posting more, and to just being positive.

Here’s your freebie! It coordinates with my challenge posting bonuses this month. (Click here to get to my Book of Me challenge) (Click here to get to my lyric challenge). I got the swatch I’m using from Colour Lovers- it was already called Muses Mistake. I copied it to my hard drive months ago and when I went to use it at the end of January I searched Colour Lovers for a username to credit them I couldn’t find one. So if this was your swatch, it’s genius, I love it. I also used some fun brusheezy brushes, have you been there? It’s cool.

Muses Mistake Freebie 01

Click on the Preevie to get your goodies.  For your payment this time, please do something good for yourself.  Sit and meditate or pray, relax if you have a minute.  Give your body some loving thoughts.  You’ve probably been working hard for all kinds of other people, loving them, and now you deserve some time to tell yourself just how much of a miracle YOU are.  So do that.

Finally, my freebie is posted bright and early!

rosamunde freebie

Check it out!!  Isn’t Kimmy’s swatch BEAUTIFUL this month?  I made six papers, three frames, two buttons, a ribbon key and a caps alpha.  NEAT!

Alpha and elements 


Your assignment is to surprise somebody.  Do something completely unexpected for someone.  I think you’ll both get a kick out of it.

Also, here’s a LO I made last night.  Click on it for credits.

My connection was horrible today probably due to the snowstorm, so I ended up finishing the Rosamunde freebie, and also working on backing up my stuff and putting stuff on the new EHD I got with taxes.  That was my extravagant tax expenditure.  That and a deep freeze.  Did I already say that?  Huh.  I’m a little unfocused here.  Anyway, I am up to 12 CD’s full of scrapping stuff, and that’s just kits, mostly freebies and things I got on CT’s.  Dang.  My hard drive is on a diet!  COOL!  Also, I spent a couple of hours on the phone with Corel trying to figure out why I couldn’t activate PSP on the computer downstairs.  Finally figured out it was because the copy of X2 I have is an upgrade (of XI, which was an upgrade of X) and so the download I have listed on the site was only working as a free trial.  Once we got that figured out, the very nice Corel lady just sent me full download links for free.  She was awesome, saw I am a long time customer and not a pirate, LOL.

Anyway.  That was my day!  Pretty exciting, huh?  The Jehovah’s witnesses came by.  They are nice.  I should probably tell them that I don’t intend to become one of them.  Maybe it’s rude not to.  But they seem to like coming by, and I don’t mind talking about God with them.

Oh, did I say we have like 4″ of snow?  It’s insane because yesterday it was SUPER nice outside, and now we have this snow.  Quinn stayed in Manhattan (KS- I should mention that each time.) so he could go to the Democratic caucus, and we called him and told him not to come home because of the roads.  However, Vince is out there driving around.  He had to go tell a soldier about his duty tomorrow.  He’d been calling the guy all day long, and couldn’t reach him.  Actually, the soldier is Trevor Gluhm, a friend of ours.  Apparently he’s sick and confined to quarters today, and wasn’t answering the phone.  Anyway, Vince had to go tell him what he’s got to do tomorrow, and they all have to be at work at 6am.  Knuts.

Speaking of the Democratic caucus, Obama took ours.  Isn’t it exciting that this is Quinn’s FIRST presidential election??? I think it’s awesome!  What a big year!  One of his best friends gets to be a delegate for KS, too, which is awesome, I think.  How very cool for them all.

Okay, I’d better get the girls in bed, it’s 10:30.  Dang.

Hey!!! Don’t forget!  BUY MY KIT!!!  You know what I want, more than anything when it comes to designing?  Just to be respected, and to take part in people’s memory making.  I want people to appreciate my art, and I want them to be able to use it to preserve their memories,  commemorate their emotions and their lives.  I’m not trying to make a living here, that would be silly.  I just want to be able to make art that people can use to make art.  🙂  That said, I would get a huge kick out of one of my kits being really successful.  So, BUY MY KIT!! LOL!!

Technically, it’s Still a Wednesday Freebie

So I’m kinda cleaning out some things in my Design folder here for your freebie pleasure.  I used one of these papers for Mike’s memorial, and I was thinking at the time, Gee whiz, some of these papers are beautiful.  I should really get back to this kit.”  So today I opened up the folder again, and … well, I like the papers.  So here you have them.

Click on the Preview to get em.

Such Great Heights FREEBIE

By the way, I still want you to commit some kind of a RAK in exchange for my freebies, even if I don’t mention it every time.  This time, I want you to just love on somebody.  Just sit there and love somebody.  They don’t have to be around.  Somebody did that for me today, and you know what?  It worked.

Thanks, Beth.

Technically, it’s still a Sunday Freebie

cuz it’s still Sunday as I’m posting it!  I spent all day making the preview for Patty’s Warm Hug.  I will upload the kit to Bunny and the gals for QC tomorrow so I hope to have it released this week.  Of course Patty will get hers much sooner, probably tomorrow.  The kit is based on a quilt I have that my mom made.  It was in a picture that Patty saw she mentioned that she liked it, and I’d always thought that it would make a cool kit.  Only problem is that she saw the UNDERSIDE of the quilt in the pic, and I’ve used mainly the top of it for the kit, I really hope she likes it!  And I hope you like it, too.  🙂

The pattern Mom used to make the quilt was called “Flea Market” so I have kind of a junk store thing going on in the kit.  Kind of mismatched frames, junk jewelery, funky glass vases, etc.  Well.. here’s the preview for the full kit:

I think it’s cool, but then I made it, so.. I just hope that you peeps like it too.

Your freebie today is an amethyst alpha I made for the kit that I really love and am proud of, but I’m just not sure how readable it would end up being reduced down for anything but a big title, plus I LOVE VTKS fonts, but he usually only makes all caps, no punctuation or special characters, so I decided just to give you the alpha as a freebie.  It comes with a ribbon and a background that will be included in the kit.  Well, the background will, I’m still not sure about the ribbon.  LOL.  I am especially proud of the background, because I made it all by myself, not tuts or overlays or anything, just by playing around.  I think it’s super real looking.  Looks just like an ugly ol’ couch you’d have on the porch.

HERE’S YOUR FREEBIE!  Click on the preview to DL.

Pattys warm hug alpha FREEBIE

Enjoy, and have a super blessed Monday!

Bizzy Weekend

Hola all. I’m sorry I didn’t blog this weekend. Here’s why:
1. Quinn and I were busy cleaning house and getting ready for Mom to get here Monday night- the place was rather dusty and such due to our having been away, plus all the chaos. So there was a lot of “spring cleaning” to do, and what better time than in preparation for Mom.

2. I have some kind of sinus trouble left over from Penn. I don’t think it’s an infection, because it would be getting worse, right? But I still find myself getting very dragged out at the end of the day.

3. The girl’s schedules are nonexistant. For instance right now Atha is passed out in the chair and Jenny is just walking around throwing stuff, as per usual. Jenny has painful moments still where she just stiffens up and SCREAMS, but she has regained her sense of humor, which is good.

4. I’m a little depressed, I guess. I just want things to be NORMAL and I don’t even know what that is. Cuz while Vince was gone, we had a schedule, but we traveled and Mom visited, and we moved, and such. Then Vince got back in Aug, and was home for a week or so and then was gone again for two weeks, then was back, and goodness, it’s just been one thing after another. I feel very selfish for being depressed because I want normalcy in view of what’s happened, but- well, I can’t feel bad for Mike. I’m sorry he got sick, but I’m not sorry he passed on. I just wish he’d had less pain, less struggle at the end. I’m sorry for my in-law’s pain, and that they had to deal with all of the end- he was in their house, and it’s awful that they had to deal with all of the stuff that they had to ie the mortuary taking him away, etc.. ugh. And now they have to deal with his stuff, but.. well, anyway, I’m not sad that he died. I’m glad that I knew him.

5. I was busy. I finished Oh My Goth and got it submitted for QC, goodness knows how long that process will be. I also am almost done with Patty’s kit. I’m calling it “Patty’s Warm Hug” and I really like it.

But honestly, probably the number one reason I didn’t post is that:

6. I just didn’t feel like it. 🙂

Here’s a little freebie: A nice QP based on the LO above. There are no words on the QP, you’ll have to add your own. The kit is inspired by a quilt my mom made me. I hope to have it done before the end of the week. Who knows, it may even be released the same time as Oh My Goth!


freebie patty's warm hug qp 01

Download Here