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Welll I was gonna make a freebie today, BUT

.. there we were, the girls and I, minding our own business, having some breakfast when the door opened and in came Vince. I was like, what the heck are you doing here? It was 9:30, which is a strange time for him. He has PT (physical training- working out and running, etc) from 6:30-about 7:30, then he comes home for breakfast and to change into his regular uniform, then they have to be back for work by 9. Then he’s home for lunch from about 11:45-12:45. So I was confused, then I saw that his face was all swollen and I remembered that he was going to go to dental sick call this morning because his wisdom teeth were bothering him. He never had them pulled, and they’ve been in his head, just like teeth, for about 10 years. But lately his gums have been swollen around them. Anyway, he went to dental sick call, and they just pulled his wisdom teeth, right on the spot! Crazy. I couldn’t believe it, normally Army medicine is slow going, but not today! So now he’s home for three days. At this point he’s feeling much better, and is actually staying up with the girls tonight. Don’t tell anybody, but he probably doesn’t need three days off. But then he IS bleeding, and has to rinse with this antiseptic rinse and change his dressings, etc. He’s doing great for Vinnie standards, not much complaining at all. But I WAS busy with him most of the day. For awhile he was asleep with both girls and I went to the commissary to stock up on pudding, apple sauce and chicken noodle soup.

Also, today Atha’s foot is hurting her a lot. We think it’s because Vince clipped her big toenail too short by accident and she stubbed it and it hurts, but by the end of the night she was whimpering every time she stepped on it, so if it still hurts tomorrow I may need to take her to the emergency room, which is excessive, but it’s impossible to get a same day appointment so that’s what you have to do. Silly, eh? But at least Vince will be home so I can leave Jenny with him and take Atha. Let’s just pray that she feels better tomorrow.

In the midst of all that, I did manage to make this LO with AnjaJ’s stuff. It’s mostly her Melli kit, which is super pretty, don’t you think? Click on it for full credits. This is Quinn, Saturday night. He got dressed up for an Oscar party. He was checking himself out in the bathroom mirror- that’s what you are seeing here. I snuck up on him and took this photo. What do you think? I think he looks pretty sharp!

Well maybe I can get a freebie done for you tomorrow. We’ll see!

This post was a dup of “My first LO for Anja J”

I’m deleting this post, because it was a dup of the one above it!  WordPress was being a pill, but we seem to have fixed things now!

Been Sick all Day, but another LO

Hey all.  I’m sorry I didn’t write to anybody today, but I’ve been sick all day again.  Jenny’s got something too.  She’s grumpy and has diarrhea where usually she has rabbit poops.  Too much information?  LOL!

I’m going to bed.  Vince has taken the girls downstairs for a slumber party.  I LOVE HIM!   For Christmas he surprised me by telling me there was a little money in my Pay Pal acct.  It was just a few bucks, but with it and my birthday coupons from DST I spent a tiny bit of money and got big big fun.  Bad Andy, I should be designing!  Did some of that too, and I think I’ll be done with Oh My Goth before we go on Vacation.  It might not be ready to be sold, but at least the design work will be done.

Anyway, check out this LO I did with lots of Ztampf stuff.  She’s AWESOME, isn’t she?  Full credits are available by clicking- you’ll go to my flickr page where you can click on “All sizes” above the photo and see a close up.  I used Heather’s Violet mist script again, and one of Karla’s Faith cards.  I’m going to use them in LO’s till I’ve used them all.  Quinn took this pic today and declared it not very good, but I told him he was wrong.  What do you think?

Okay, I think I’ll crack a good book (perhaps, THE good book, who knows) and pass out.


I’m not going to say I’m behind…

but I’m posting really late today! LOL.

I don’t have much scrap related to tell you, but here’s a new LO I did last night. Click on it to see it close up and for the credits, I’ve used stuff by Karla in there, and LP&3 dogs, and Christina Renee, and Franziska, and Kimmy B., plus that’s my own chicken scratch handwriting. And I used a Sheilsoft script on the photo. Guess that’s the credits right there. LOL.

Yesterday I felt like Christmas came early!!! It was another awesome day of blessings for us. First, we got our free Senseo machine. I don’t know how I got this, but somehow through one of the surveys I did or one of the free sample sites I got a free senseo coffee machine, and a bunch of coupons good for $20 off of senseo machines. I think the idea is that we’ll have friends over, and they will love our coffee so much that they’ll want one of their very own. The jury is still out on whether or not we are going to keep it or try to return it to Walmart for store credit. They don’t care where you got things as long as they are not open, they will give you store credit. We sure could use the grocery money, so probably that’s what we’re going to do. But it sure is making me want some espresso sitting there on my counter!!

Next, we got two packages- one from a wonderful person whom I met online who just thought that our Christmas day would be brighter with a little more stuff under the tree for the girls, and she was right. They are going to LOVE the stuffed doggie, baby doll, books, radio and blanket she sent, not to mention the beautiful dresses. She says her girls wore them, but you’d never know, they are gorgeous. Thanks! MWAH!

We also got a big huge tub of popcorn, I mean it’s like 10 lbs of popcorn, I’m not kidding, it’s a TUB!!! I have no idea who sent it. The message doesn’t say. SO.. um, if you sent us the popcorn, THANKS!! We are big big big popcorn eaters, it’s the cheapest snack out there, it fills you up, and it’s a WHOLE GRAIN! I don’t know how healthy this particular popcorn is, because it’s all cheezy and caramelly. ANd delicious. THANKS!

Vince took Atha to the company Christmas party last night and she had a blast, but got totally star struck and couldn’t speak when she finally got to Santa. So she didn’t get to ask him for her golden crown. Oh well. I told her that today we can send him an email. “Dear Santa, I was afraid of you when I saw you in person, but I did want to let you know that I’ve been a good girl and I want a golden crown.” I’m sure there’s some kind of official Santa email addy out there. Which reminds me, I’ve got to go make that crown gold for her pretty soon.

How much does it cost to Build a Bear? I bet its totally expensive. Atha is always talking about Build a Bear Workshop and someday I’d like to get her one. Maybe tax time.

I’m glad that you all are liking the Goth kit. I’m not sure if it’s going to get posted before our trip- I really want to take my time with it and do the best job I can. I’ll post another little nugget of it for you tomorrow. Tell me though, are the papers too dark to see the detail? I know it’s close, but you never can tell how well calibrated your monitor is, I try, but.. anyway. Let me know.

HEATHER- I still can’t get into your site, woman! My browser times out every time. I’m going through serious withdrawals! AGH! How are the girls? What is Alyce saying and doing now? And how’s Jordan doing? Just letting you know that I’m not ignoring you.

Also, Kristine, I have been looking around for a suitably hunky e-card for ya. It’s on it’s way, soon as I find one saucy enough!

Okay, I’m going down for lunch and then I’m coming up to read all my blogs for the day!

Luvs and Hugs and Thanks!

People Are Amazing

Here’s a LO that I just made.  Vince and Jenny were having a rare quiet moment, and just happened to be sitting in this amazing light. I instructed Vince NOT to look at me, so we didn’t get a silly face. Also, this is one of the first times that Jenny would really let herself totally relax with him, and I think he was savoring the moment as much as I was.

I am totally in love with the photo.  I used Heather’s In The News script on it, which made it really high contrast but still soft.   That’s also her background paper, from her black light papers.  Click on the pic to get to flickr and see the full credits.  I used a li’l bit of this and that.

Tomorrow I MUST MUST MUST write some emails.  I need to say hi to some friends, I haven’t said Hi to Kristine in like a week, for instance.  Life’s been topsy turvy, but you know, people are amazing.  Through all of this, I’ve been stunned by people’s kind words and deeds.  You all have been the spirit lifter that I needed.  For a few days there, I was pretty down, I have to admit.  I felt like there was just so much against me, and it really affected my creativity.  But people have been so kind, I just am overwhelmed, and so happy now!

So thanks!  Really, I thank you guys, you’re great!

Now I’m gonna go put Jenny down (again!  For the third time tonight!  Crazy baby!)  and tomorrow hopefully I can get on here and post some great CT lo’s.  Then Miss Betty, Atha’s beloved parent educator is coming for a visit, and then during the afternoon I need to take a break and just write emails to lots of people, share the love.

Thanks so much again, enjoy your freebies (scroll down).. now I’m just repeating myself, I’m a little sleepy.

So Far so good! And A Saturday freebie. That’s weird!

Hey, thanks for all your good thoughts, (see I told you they work!) our power is still on.  But the world is white.  Not sure how much snow there is out there, but it’s enough for the ground to be smooth.  I need to take a picture.

Actually, I need to do a few things, none of them attached to this computer.  But I do want to post my December ColoUr challenge kit for you .  I just love KimB’s ColoUr challenge, I always have lots of fun with it.  This month I was playing with gradients, and making some bubbles.   It looks like a washed out beach towel to me, so I called the kit Washed.  Here it is!

Washed Freebie



Keep the good deeds flowing for my freebies!  I’ll let you pick your own today.

Okay, I need to scoot.  Hope you like the little freebie, and please leave a note!