Happy Birthday Atha

Saturday was Atha’s 3rd birthday! Yay hooray! It was Heather’s son Jordan’s birthday too, but he’s a li’l bit more than 3. Anyhoo, check this out. Atha’s one and only birthday guest was a little boy named.. Jordan! Wow, coincidence!

We had a very nice time overall. The plan for like 4 months has been for Atha and Vince to go to Build-A-Bear Workshop on her birthday, and Jenny and I would stay home and make the cake, etc. (Quinn was at a forensics tournament and was unavailable.) Anyway, everything was going fine until Vince and Atha got to the mall and found that the Build-A-Bear workshop was closed and completely gone from the mall. Shows how often we go there. Vince was so upset he started crying at the mall. Yes, my husband is an emotional fellow. He called home in a panic, “There’s no Build-A-Bear, what do I do?” Atha’s been talking about it nonstop for months, so it was kind of a big deal. I told him that we could either build one online and have it shipped, or they could go buy one somewhere else. So he asked Atha, and she decided she wanted to go to Target. Everything turned out fine, I was actually kind of surprised that she didn’t freak out. I think she was just too happy to fuss.

Later on, Jordan and his folks came over and we all went to Burger King because that’s what Atha wanted. Actually, she wanted McDonalds, but the US Army has a contract with BK, so we went there instead of driving the 3-4 extra miles. Then after the kids had played in the playstructure for awhile, we came home and blew up some balloons, then settled in for a nice viewing of Snow Buddies.

Wow, she’s three. Can’t beleeb it! I made this LO with all misc Heather’s stuff, and I like it pretty well, but Vince had all kind of criticism. Didn’t like the font, didn’t like the extraction, etc. I was like, “But I made that fold all by myself! And look at the shadow work! It’s so 3D!” But now I’m all self-conscious about it, so.. oh well. I like the picture a lot.

As for the rest of the weekend, I was treasure hunting with the rest of you, and wasn’t that fun??? WOW, I think I doubled my stash, that was incredible!!! Besides all that, I also played on the “Scrappers and Designers Look Here” (I think that was what it was called) at DST and was RAK’d by Sammy Design, Amy Sumrall, AND CanDee! WOWOWOWW! I’m still working on the LO with Amy’s lovely Tea Garden kit, but my LO’s with the other two are Raaaaht here! Hope you likey!

She watches, made with Sammy Designs’ Beatriz kit

Van Asten, Alaska, 2008 done with CanDesigns’ A Day at the Point

EDIT- I finished the LO I did with Tea Garden last night while Jenny wouldn’t sleep.  Here it is:


My first Commercial use items…….AND THEY’RE FREE!!


commercial use freebie

Click on the overlay to get your freebie.

Check it out!  4 free overlays for personal or commercial use, and NO CREDIT REQUIRED!! (However, you know, I’d be flattered if you did, of course!  🙂  I just have all of these overlays on my hard drive from making kits, and I thought, hey, I’m not selling anymore, why not give a little.  What I would REALLY LOVE is to see what you come up with by using them.  That would make me giggle and smile.  And what do I want you to do for this one… hmmmm… I know, I’ll tell you do something I’m really bad at- send an email to somebody who deserves it.  Or a postal letter, even.  Just get in touch, I owe so many emails.. gah.  But I’m being kind to myself about that…. ahhhh find my calm center.  LOL

Hey, tomorrow Vince and the girls and I are taking off for a two day marriage retreat, which we really kind of need.  We did this in Germany and it was awesome.  In fact, it was on the retreat in Germany that Jenny was conceived (hee hee!!)  In that one, we went to GORGEOUS Rothenberg, Germany’s oldest city.  It is a walled medieval town, with much of the original structure intact.  This time around, we are going to Salina, KS.  But it’s not for scenery that we’re there, is it?!?!  Vince needs the break, too.  His company is working him nonstop.  He’s so stressed out he’s literally covered in hives.  Since the chaplain sponsors the retreat, his command HAS to let him go, too, so that’s awesome.  You KNOW they would NEVER let him go if they weren’t forced to!  Plus we get to stay at the Holiday Inn, and they pay for all our meals, and there’s free daycare for the girls.  So it rocks.  Good stuff.  Dang, we still have to pack, and we need to be out of here before 8 tomorrow. YIKES.  Better get on that.

Anyway, should be fun.

Take a look at this picture.  I call this one: Play Hard, Crash Hard

Okay, see you all in a couple of days!!

My First LO for Anja J

I’m just loving her fun and funky style! I used a whole bunch of her stuff for it. Click on the image to see the full credits. It’s all hers, but from all different kits.
So this is awesome: I have Heather for my dirty stuff (well, this month at least! LOL!), KimB for pretty pretty stuff (get ready for her new kit, it’s GWARgeous!!) and now Anja for fun and funky fresh! Awesome! HOw much more could a girl want? The answer is none much more. LOL. No more CT’s for me, I’m keeping it where it is.

Let me tell you a little about sleeping around here. So there’s the master bedroom, in which we have the master bed (a modest full size bed), and a pack’n’play for Jenny. Across the hall is Atha’s room, in which there is Atha’s toddler bed and a twin bed that used to belong to Quinn, but which we moved for my mom when she came to visit and it stayed there. It was Quinn’s first “big boy” bed, and he was using it till recently, but has finally graduated to the futon, which I think is full sized. At the end of the hall upstairs is this room, the computer room, and there’s another pack’n’play in here, and Jenny’s asleep in it right now. Downstairs we have a big sectional sofa with a hide-a-bed inside. Got that? LOL! Anyway, the master bed was fine for Vince and I before we had kids, because we are both smallish people (well, I’m bigger now after the girls came along, LOL) and we don’t take up much room. However, now that we have kids, it is too small because it seems that one or more of them is always wanting to get in bed with us, and I am with Dr. Sears- there ain’t nothin wrong with a family bed! However, if we have even one girl in there, I certainly don’t sleep, and Vince gets woken up too, which is bad because he has to get up at the crack of dawn.
SO- sometimes he will sleep in the twin bed in Atha’s room, and she will either sleep in her toddler bed, or in the master bed with me and (always at some point during the night) Jenny. That works okay.
BUT- on nights that Vince wants to let me sleep, he prefers to bring everybody downstairs and sleep on the hideabed. I have tried this a few times, and I see the benefits, but sometimes it does a number on my back.
You know what? I was going to tell you more about our crazy sleeping arrangements, but after about 5 minutes of typing I got sick of it. LOL!! Anyway, is there any wonder why we’re all crazy mixed up around here? Nobody wakes up knowing where they are.
Hey, I think I’m going to package up a few of the overlays I made for my papers and give them away as a commercial use freebie tomorrow. What do you think of that? Is there love for free overlays?
Okay, I’m off!

This post was a dup of “My first LO for Anja J”

I’m deleting this post, because it was a dup of the one above it!  WordPress was being a pill, but we seem to have fixed things now!

Meat made, moving on!

Well, I couldn’t get a good “after” pic of the meat, because it all got done at different times. But I ended up with three meat loaves, four quart tubs of shredded roast beef, two containers of pork fajita, plus we had hamburgers for lunch and I also cut out a 2 lb roast and left it uncooked for another day. So now we have at least 7 meals already made and ready to reheat, plus that roast and some other meaty items sitting in the deep freeze. Needless to say, I was beat at the end of the day, and yesterday all I did was sit around and do this LO! Oh, and I played some Dream Chronicles 2, that game is addictive.

What do you think of my FIRST OFFICIAL Lo for Kim’s CT? I love it, but then I’m it’s Mommy! LOL. That’s a hanger Jenny’s holding to her head. All my kids did this. Quinn was the only one who made up words for things, and he called hats a “Yi.” Pronounced with a hard “i” Like “Y-eye.” So he’d hold something on his head and look around saying, “Yi? Yi? Yi?” and that was his first official joke. Now he’s running for Mr. Manhattan High School.

Speaking of Quinn, he and his friend spend all weekend making a truly horrible movie for their AP English class, boy do I hope their teacher has some very creative criteria for grading. It is Act 5 Scene 2 of Hamlet (Or is it Act 2 Scene 5? I forget) done as Harry Potter. It’s Hamlet Potter. They were all reading, so everybody is facing the same direction. Also they did all of it in various kids’ living rooms, so the continuity is horrible, and the costumes are worse.. but parts of it are screamingly funny. I’ll post the YouTube link when it gets on there.

Hey, it seems I’ve made it to AnjaJ’s CT as well! WOW! I responded to her call just on a lark right after I quit designing, didn’t think I’d make it, but I did! Wow! Now I’ll be busy, but happy!

Um… I’ve had some terrible news over the past week or so from online friends. From death and immolation, down to piracy and blasting a child for his looks. I have friends who need prayers, friends who just need a hug, down to friends of friends who need a whole lot more. I’m doing what I can, which isn’t much. But I found this prayer today, and I really liked it and thought I’d pass it on to everybody. It sums up the way I’d like to live, and the way I’ll try to live at least for today, which is really all I have for sure, right? Found it on Beliefnet, it’s their prayer of the day.

With Every Breath

With every breath I take today,
I vow to be awake;

And every step I take,
I vow to take with a grateful heart–

So I may see with eyes of love
into the hearts of all I meet,

To ease their burden when I can
And touch them with a smile of peace.

I’ll leave you with that.


Okay, I’m gonna cook all this meat today.  I am hoping to post you a pic of what it all looks like cooked at the end of the day, maybe tomorrow morning at the latest.  If you don’t hear from me, sent kitchen help immediately!  The idea is to make some meals while I have help here on the weekend, and this way if nobody’s up to cooking on the weeknights, we have something we can just pop in the oven instead of ordering a pizza or going for fast food.  I think I’m gonna make three meatloaves, and some BBQ tips, and maybe some pork fajita strips.  We’ll see what comes out.

Here’s the part where I talk about being a bad blogger, owing people emails etc etc.  You’ve heard it all before, and I promised I wasn’t going to talk about not feeling good anymore.  So I won’t!  I didn’t blog for a few days, but here I am now!

Hey, guess what?  I’m on another CT!  Permanent-like this time!  It’s KIM B’s CT!  YAYYY!  When I stepped down from designing at DSO I was like, “Man, now I have to PAY for Kim’s stuff!” and then I thought, hey what if she let me be on her CT?  So now I am!  YAY!  And all the ladies on it are crazee just like she is- well, not JUST like she is, but well, it’s fun crew, let’s just say that.  Neat!  Here’s my blinkie:

Also, I finished this LO last night and wow, I’d been working on this puppy for a couple of days.  Well, except for the times that Vince kicked me off the ‘puter to play his danged hidden object games, he loves those.  Anyway, it’s for my lyrics challenge at DSO.  This is Vince’s and My song, and this LO was just really hard to make, maybe it’s cuz the song means so much to me.  But I finally got this done.  I think it looks okay, but it doesn’t convey the mood I wanted.  Maybe I’ll rescrap it someday.

Here’s whatcha got:

Click on it to see credits, it’s almost all Heather.

Okay, I’m off to cook meat!

An Update, Big News, and a FREEBIE!

Whoo hoo, a Wednesday freebie! It’s at the bottom of the post, so if that’s why you are here, go ahead and scroll down.

Okay, first, I’m feeling much better than I was a couple of days ago, but still not great. The docs say my immune system is compromised in some way, but we don’t know what it is. It’s not any of the obvious things, cuz we’ve checked those all recently. But until we know what’s wrong and can treat it, I have been ordered to cut out stress (LOLOLOL) which means that

I’m no longer designing for profit. I have stepped down from designing for DSO, but am staying on as a Pixie there so I’ll be able to keep my challenges, which I dearly love (YAY!) and I’ll be contributing to the monthly mega kit. I’ll also still be designing freebies and whatnot here and there, and I’ll probably be applying to do some CT stints. (In fact, with all the craziness, I haven’t told you all yet that I’m a FEB GUEST CT for HEATHER!!! YAY)

So that’s that. I’m keeping my spirits up, and am actually feeling great about taking this positive step for my health. That said, I’m probably not going to talk about my health much anymore because I don’t want to.

But I hope to get back to posting more, and to just being positive.

Here’s your freebie! It coordinates with my challenge posting bonuses this month. (Click here to get to my Book of Me challenge) (Click here to get to my lyric challenge). I got the swatch I’m using from Colour Lovers- it was already called Muses Mistake. I copied it to my hard drive months ago and when I went to use it at the end of January I searched Colour Lovers for a username to credit them I couldn’t find one. So if this was your swatch, it’s genius, I love it. I also used some fun brusheezy brushes, have you been there? It’s cool.

Muses Mistake Freebie 01

Click on the Preevie to get your goodies.  For your payment this time, please do something good for yourself.  Sit and meditate or pray, relax if you have a minute.  Give your body some loving thoughts.  You’ve probably been working hard for all kinds of other people, loving them, and now you deserve some time to tell yourself just how much of a miracle YOU are.  So do that.