dorothy and atha and atha

Apparently, September is Mom’s month for me, because here’s another LO featuring my mom. I’ve used Idgie’s Heartsongs Heart of a Woman Mega kit for almost all of it, and if you haven’t seen this kit, you oughta, it’s GORGEOUS! It has lots of little furniture elements which I didn’t use yet, but I will in future LO’s. Seriously, just like Idgie’s other stuff, you could make a paper doll house out of the stuff in this kit, it’s like playing with toys.

Here’s the journaling on the LO:
On June 10th, 2005, we went to the Marin headlands to say goodbye to my grandma who’s ashes were scattered in the bay the month before. Her name was Atha, and so is my daughter’s name. This is my mother with both of them

Idgie’s Heartsongs Heart of a Woman kit link the piece a’ tape which is from Tina Wiliams Fruit of the Spirit kit.
Font is Julius Thyssen


5 Responses

  1. What a wonderfull layout and a great memory I love your journaling thanks for showing it!

  2. Beautiful kit and layout, I hope you have wonderful memories and these layouts will help to keep them through the generations. Great start on your blog!

  3. Now that is a priceless LO! It’s just beautiful!!!

  4. That is gorgeous! Love your blog :o)

  5. Both of those layouts are just gorgeous.

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